MKPPS Consulting is a team of IT and domain experts dedicated to providing tailored solutions to businesses worldwide. Our goal is to empower businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring efficient and effective organizational performance. We have clients in the US, UAE, Singapore and India.

Advanced Products

We connect our clients with cutting-edge products that improve profitability. As business and tech experts, we evaluate products from a unique perspective to select technology that best serves our clients and benefits their daily processes.

Clear Consulting

We believe in providing individualized attention to each business & IT needs. Our consultants gain a clear understanding of clients daily operations, pain points, needs and goals. From here, we provide valuable advice on solutions that improve productivity and efficiency.

Stellar Service

We provide the assistance and support needed to transition to invaluable SAP solutions. Our team ensures a smooth transformation so businesses can focus on their core operations.

Company Approach

Our comprehensive consulting framework identifies gaps and opportunities within businesses. We provide a custom project plan with specific timelines and milestones, cost analysis and schedule. Our quality products and services are available to help clients achieve their goals quickly and smoothly.

Company Difference

With over four decades of business and IT experience, our team provides tailored solutions and high-value additions while keeping costs low.

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